• Zeorangervi

    This is my ending about the Mobile Fighter G Gundam VS. Zoids Saga DS

    While Domon makes his way inside the Devil Gundam in order to save Rain , he was accompanied by three Liger Zero Falcons. One was piloted by Bit Cloud of the Blitz Team, the second one is piloted by RD of Mach Storm, and last one belonged to Max Rubin of Rottiger.

    While trying to fire a tree that looks like the Devil Gundam, Chibodee, George, Argo, and Sai are under fire by this kind of situation. While on earth, the other Gundam and Zoid pilots evacuated in the Ultrasaurus. In a matter of situations, everyone is hoping for Domon, Bit, Max, and RD to destroy the monster. While the Blitz Team are in the Hover Cargo, backing the Ultrasaurus up. When the four reached the Devi…

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  • Zeorangervi

    This is a comic-type story which it is also base from the game Zoids SAGA and Zoids VS, where Athle, Regina, and the Reformed Blood Keel teamed up with the Zenebas Hunters, or called the Imperial Military Police; Rottiger.

    As Planet Zi has restored into peace, Athle once again recieved a message from Max, they were assigned by King Arcadia to work with Rottiger, an Imperial Missions Team who hunts down Zenebas people around Guylos. While Athle goes to meet the Rottigers, he makes sure that he must meet Regina and Blood before he settles a new journey.

    New Zoids: None

    New Parts: None

    New Pilots: Athle


    • Find Regina and Blood

    Pilot: Athle

    Zoid: Trinity Liger

    Weapon: AZ Beam Gun, AZ Micro Missile pod

    Options: None

    Subparts: None

    After Athle, Re…

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  • Zeorangervi

    == ==

    Shoma's Zoid is Aero Liger, while Tita with Double Arm Lizard. If you chose Max as the player or Zeru, see to it you have a Blade Liger Leon (Max) or Proto Zaber (Zeru). The Blade Liger Leon is more powerful than an ordinary one, try to arm it with CP-12 Attack Booster and CP-15 Assault Gatling Unit. If Proto Zaber, try detach the beam cannons on its back for a Long Range Rifle, along with Weapon Binders. Then if your battle partner is Claudia, Reiner, Kouki, or Juno, see to it if you have acquired a Lord Gale, or a Liger Zero Empire. Much better if Zero Empire. Do the same way as with the Proto Zaber to the Liger Zero Empire.

    Once you fight, watch out for the Aero Liger's E-Shield, put your AB Cannons on, see to it that Aero Liger doe…

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  • Zeorangervi

    I don't get it why did after the second Deathsaurer fight, Ambient infected Van's Blade Liger. But when Leon Toros saw the Liger. It became his friend.

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