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Hello. With regards to you inquery; A citation means to provide a source for your information. On the Konig Wolf page, you provided a piece of information that was previously not known about a media appearance known never mentioned before on this wiki. If you can provide proof of any kind, be it a an external web link or an image, thn we can add the information back, It would also be a good start to tell me how you knew about the information I removed earlier.

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Now you may add the information back, and because we are not to strict aout citations here, just put that pic into your edit. Rememebr to put the correct licsense on the photo. Glad I was able to help Leon35 22:55, June 24, 2012 (UTC)

|Sorry guys, I don't know how to format the main info table things- I can add these myself if anyone lets me know how. Sorry to inconvenience others for this so far, but I figure it might be better than not having a page for the Zoid at all?
I am also curios what qualifies for a 'stub'. I notice short articles in general, but what about the articles such as the ones I've added recently, where there simply just isn't any more information to be had of the Zoids (they are featured in one place only)? What makes these a stub?|

The info tables are very simple to add. The basic template is Template:Zoids, and then you can copy-paste it over and fill in the info.

Stubs are usually marked on pages that contain incomplete information. If there's only so much info on a certain subject, then it's page might be shorter and not be a stub. After only a few edits, most articles are still considered stubs. Hope that helps!

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