aka David (but call me Shepherd)

  • I live in La Mesa, CA
  • I was born on June 18
  • My occupation is Independant Contractor
  • I am Male.


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Free Zoids Videos!Edit

Boys and girls, I have good news! I found a website that allows you to watch episodes of the Zoids English dub...wait for it....FREE!

That's right! New Century Zero, Chaotic Century, Guardian Force; even the horrible dubbing and editing of Fuzors is at your fingertips!

Now, for the bad news. There ARE ads that suck up bandwidth. Some of the ads can have their volume muted, and if you full-screen it, it won't eat up your bandwidth. But for the rest of those ads...well, power through it, true believers. But trust me, it's WORTH IT.

Good luck, Zoids faithful!

Hello Edit

Gereetings :)

The Geno Saaurer kit (not the HMM one) is still a somewhat complicated kit, but there is not a single Zoids kit that pre-dates HMM that is more or at an equal complexity to an MG Gundam, so you will be more than ready. Now, unlike most comolicated kits, Geno Saurer is motorized, but the actual build itself should not provide you with any sort of problem if you know how to build MGs. I can not vouch specificaly for the Geno, as I do not own one, but if you are an experienced kit builder already, dont worry about it and go for it :D

Hope I was of some help. Remember to sign your posts Leon35 02:31, June 13, 2012 (UTC)

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