Vareth (Baluf in the Japanese version) is a fictional character from Zoids: Fuzors.

Appearances Zoids: Fuzors
Debut Zoids: Fuzors Episode 19
Affiliation Unknown Team
Age 36
Primary Zoids Gravity Wolf
Japanese Name Baluf
Voice Actors Kenta Miyake in the Japanese version
Scott McNeill in the English version


Vareth and his teammates hail from a tribe who forsook technology and left to live in a remote region of the continent. Vareth first appeared in episode 19 of Fuzors. He is part of an unknown team hired to defeat Blake and RD. His teammates are Dart and Sabre. When they enter Blue City, the group becomes lost and (because they come from a rural area without technology) causes much chaos, such as standing in the middle of the road. The group then flees the PKB, and finds themselves at Mach Storms headquarters. Once there, Vareth tells RD about the challenge, and RD accepts. A battle between Varteth and his team against RD and Blake begin. While Varteth's team is successful at first, they quickly resort to their most "powerful" attack, which is nothing more then fleeing.

Vareth and his team then reappear later on, this time helping RD and Sweet escape Alpha and his men. Vareth and his team are present at the last battle


Vareth is shown to have a typical Viking attitude. He isn't too bright (as he calls a stop light a Christmas tree), and is rather loud and boisterous. Also like Vikings, he can be threatening, such as in episode 19, when Vareth threaten a janitor while searching for Blake. However, he is very loyal to his people, and supports the Mach Storm team against Alpha.

It's implied that Vareth is married and that he has been to Blue City before.

Ability as a Zoid PilotEdit

Vareth is shown to be a capable Zoid pilot. He is normally seen piloting a Gravity Wolf, and uses it to the best of his advantage, almost defeating RD, until his, Dart, and Sabre Zoids were taken out by the Energy Liger.


Vareth and friends

Vareth and his team.

Even though Vareth acts like a typical Viking, he is a loyal person;

Sabre: Vareth does appear to look out for Sabre, and teach her in the ways of modern technology. She has a tendency to call him an idiot though.

Dart: He and Dart are shown to be friends. The two are seen watching each others backs in battle.

RD: While at first enemies, Vareth becomes friends with RD, and helps him during the final battle.

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