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Appearances Zoids: Fuzors
Debut Episode 16 - A New Friend
Affiliation Mach Storm
Age Unknown
Primary Zoids None
Japanese Name (フェニス, Fenisu)
Voice Actors Tomoko Ishimura (Japanese)

Venus[1] is a minor character in Zoids: Fuzors.


A strange girl who lived in a forest outside of Blue City, Venus seemed to be able to talk to RD's Liger Zero. She led RD and the Zoid to a place in the forest where an ancient Zoid was resting. While RD fought Blake, she tried to revive the ancient Zoid, seemingly praying to it, apparently with some help from Matt, who somehow heard her voice. The ancient Zoid was the Jet Falcon, which was able to fuse with the Liger Zero to form the Liger Zero Falcon. While not explicitly stated, it was implied that Venus was somehow connected to the Fire Phoenix. Evidence of this was that she was convincing RD not to run because it's not what his partner would've wanted. Also, when RD (in his mind) told the Fire Phoenix of his success with his new Fuzor, it was Venus (also in her mind) who replied. Later, in the final scene of the episode, RD discovers her hairpin, a phoenix feather, on the ground after she leaves and he was surprised that she was Fire Phoenix's reincarnated form.


Venus has a constant optimistic attitude, she is quite mysterious, and appears to possess some connection to the Liger Zero, Fire Phoenix and Jet Falcon.


  • RD: RD and Venus quickly become friends, and she is seen fooling around with him. He trusts her, even if he is a bit skeptical of her.
  • Liger Zero: Venus seems to be able to communicate with the Liger and takes an immediate liking to the Zoid.




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