"Get down on all fours, worthless ones!"


Viper is a character in the Zoids VS, he is one of the members of Terra Geist.

Zoids BL Viper
Appearances Zoids VS
Debut Zoids VS
Affiliation Terra Geist
Primary Zoids Death Stinger
Japanese Name バイパー (Viper)
Voice Actors Houchu Ohtsuka (Japanese)
Richard Ian Cox (English)


Viper is the first founder of the Terra Geist organization, Viper is a ruthless leader who people fear most, he is mostly loyal to the Zenebas clan. In other words, he has been manipulating both the Helic Republic and Guylos Empire into another war. His leadership never last long after he was killed in action when his Death Stinger was destroyed by a killing blow by Max Rubin's Blade Liger.


Viper is shown to be cunning and manipulative, on the other hand, he is shown to have a cool personality, and tries to build upon his defeats and outwits much of his enemies.

He is shown to get frustrated once Lezard or Leviathe failed on their mission, and actually looks down on everyone, even Gard. Even though he is shown to have a great dislike towards Gard, they are shown to have respect for one another.

Ability as a Zoid pilotEdit

Viper pilots a Death Stinger while trying to raid Rottiger team's base, it is shown the Zoid is contaminated with a virus, in the other hand, he is shown piloting a Madthunder in Zoids: Battle Legends.


Viper has relationships with the following characters:

Lezard: Lezard is shown to be loyal to Viper and have mutual respect for one another.

Gard: Viper looks down on Gard, seeing him as only being superior than him. On the contrary, Viper and Gard are shown to respect each other more.

Leviathe: Viper and Leviathe are in respective terms.

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