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Whale Kaiser
Whale Type
Guylos Empire
Crew Holds up to 900
Weight Unknown tons
Depth 65 m
Height 14 m
Maximum Speed Unknown
Weapons Unknown
Equipment Unknown

The Whale Kaiser is a whale-type Zoid, one of over 200 species of biomechanical lifeforms depicted by TOMY's Zoids franchise.


This was a non-model, medium-sized transportation Zoid capable of flight. The Whale Kaiser first appeared under the usage of the OJR Imperial forces, in fact it was created through a joint effort by the Guylos and Zenebas factions. Despite its namesake the Whale Kaiser appears more fish-like, particularly in its vertically-orientated tail. The "mouth" of this transportation Zoid is also very fish-like, opening like the mouth of a bass to reveal its haul.

The Whale Kaiser was sixty-five meters long and fourteen meters high meaning it could not hold taller Zoids like the Iron Kong. It could however, hold three Dimetrodons and 900 armed men at a time. Usually Whale Kaisers seen in small groups in order to carry enough Zoids for tactical operations in the original Zoids Story. The Whale Kaiser did not need a runway for take-off, an efficient feat first seen with the Zenebas Reddra. Its thick armor could withstand heavy missile assaults. The Whale Kaiser went into discontinued use after the meteor strike. A much larger Zoid, the Whale King, would later take the role of flying transportation to far greater extremes than the Whale Kaiser.

Media Apperances[]

The Whale Kaiser appeared in several Zoids fanbooks and promotional ads during the OJR line, often seen releasing Dimetrodon from its haul. Both hand-drawn depictions and physical dioramas of the Whale Kaiser were featured by TOMY. Several Whale Kaiser were again spotted on the box of the HMM Dark Horn sporting the Guylos Dark Army logos and transporting different types of Dark Zoids.

HMM Dark Horn box with Whale Kaiser in the background.

Note, the name Whale Kaiser is exchanged with "Mother Command Ship" several times during The Zoid's debut in volume 10 of the original Zoids Story.