Who Are You?Edit

Who Are You? is the first mission of them Empire Story mode in the Nintendo GameCube Video Game Zoids Battle Legends based TOMY's Zoids model franchise.

The first debut of Rottiger's second main character, Kouki Demon.


The mission begins when Kouki abandons his storming reconnaisance team. Kouki tried in vain to look for his teammates, feeling that his Zoid is malfunctioning or his command system is frozen. After a matter of time, Kouki stumbles into an outpost while a battle is going on until everything he sees are in ruins. When Kouki arrives, he saw melted Zoids; (probably caused by a Charged Particle Beam). Only a matter of time, he runs over to a Command Wolf, piloted by Shoma. When it happened, the two fought.

The player must use quick dodge and shooting tactic constantly. Avoid going closer to the enemy Zoid. The mission is a success when player defeats Shoma.



Below is the in-game script leading up to the mission.


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