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The Wild Blast (ワイルドブラスト, Wairudo Burasuto) is a feature unique to the Zoids: Wild franchise.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Wild Blast is a technique that's tied to the bond between a Zoid and its rider. That bond is established by the Zoid granting the rider a Zoid Key, an object forged from within the Zoid itself.

Activation[edit | edit source]

To trigger the Wild Blast, the rider and Zoid's left eyes burst with turquoise flames, followed by shouting the phrase "With my soul!" as the rider ignites the Zoid Key with turquoise flames. The rider then inserts the Zoid Key in the Zoid's terminal and shouts Instinct Released: Wild Blast (本能解放:ワイルドブラスト, Hon'nō Kaihō: Wairudo Burasuto), engulfing the Zoid with a turquoise aura and activating its Blast Unit.

The Wild Blast puts immense strain on the Zoid and the rider, so it cannot be sustained indefinitely, but depending on the bond, the amount of effort required to remain in the mode diminishes significantly.

Zoids: Wild ZERO[edit | edit source]

In Zoids: Wild ZERO, the Wild Blast is still featured by its activation has been altered: instead of being granted a Zoid Key, the rider shouts the phrase and pulls the controls backward, causing the Zoid's interior to emanate a turquoise light and activating its Blast Unit.

As soldiers in the series do not necessarily have a strong bond with their Zoid, forcibly activating the Wild Blast can cause severe backlash, rending the pilot unconscious. This is seen in episode 18, when Jake Ramon activates the Kuwaganos' Wild Blast. To prevent this, both forces use a pilot suit based on technology from Frank Land. The suit mitigates the recoil from a Wild Blast. An exception to this is Leo Conrad, who after being exposed to Sally Land's pendant gains a partially metal body capable of using his Evo Blast without restriction.

Variants[edit | edit source]

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