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The Wild Blast (ワイルドブラスト, Wairudo Burasuto) is a feature unique to the Zoids: Wild franchise.


When a Zoid Hunter forms a strong bond with their partner, the Zoid can bestow a "Zoid Key" onto them.

By using the Zoid Key, the rider can unleash a powerful hidden attack known as a "Wild Blast". The Wild Blast is an "Instinct Release", which sees the Zoid and pilot glow in flames, with the left eye of both covered in blue fire.

The Wild Blast puts immense strain on the Zoid and the rider, so it cannot be sustained indefinitely, but depending on the bond, the amount of effort required to remain in the mode diminishes significantly.


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  • Berserk - The Wild Liger is seen to go Berserk in the anime, where it glows purple instead of pale blue.
  • Final Blast - seen in the game Zoids Wild: King of Blast as a super attack.
  • Limit-broken Wild Blast - used by Bacon and the Fang Tiger in episode 13 of the anime.
  • Evo Blast - seen in the Zoids: Wild ZERO anime, used by the protagonists.
  • Machine Blast - seen in the Zoids: Wild ZERO anime, used by the antagonists.
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