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Will is a character of the Zoids Saga series, he is the third generation protagonist.

Appearances Zoids Saga III: Fuzors
Debut Zoids Saga III: Fuzors
Affiliation Zi-G Research Foundation
Mach Storm
Age 16
Primary Zoids Leoblaze (Starting)
Victory Liger (Original)
Japanese Name ウィル (Will)
Voice Actors Unspecified


Will was born as a son of the president of the Zi-G Research Foundation, but after his father passed away, he along with his childhood friend Acty took the rightful leadership of the company. In the beginning of the game, where he confronted Opis Kerone, who wanted to kill the company's leader, and also had an ulterior motive of his own. With these events, he teamed up with RD of Mach Storm, and also Zoids VS III's protagonist, Arrow. Their stories are similar in the Fuzors anime. And also teamed up with the two protagonists, Athle Arcadia and Zeru Jupit of Blue Unicorn.


Will is considered mature and has a strong sense of justice. While he joined with Mach Storm, Will was welcomed by the whole team.


Will has green hair and brown eyes. He wears knee-high black boots, tan pants, a blue/green jacket and brown gloves.

Ability as a Zoid pilot[]

Will starts out with a Leoblaze. But in the later part of the game he acquires the Victory Liger. During the fight against Alpha Richter, his Victory Liger can combine with Acty's Victory Rex that resulted the creation of the W Victory Liger.


Will has unique relationships with the following characters;

Acty: Will and Acty are shown to work together in his father's company and living together in one house in Blue City. There is nothing shown that Acty has feelings with Will.

RD: The two met in a friendly start, Will is shown to follow RD on his mission to capture Opis.

Athle: Will and Athle are in friendly terms, Athle himself lead Will to Orpis' lair in effort to capture him.

Arrow: Arrow first met Will when he returned to Mach Storm's base in Blue City, Arrow also helped Will to defeat Opis' motives.

Alma: Will first met Alma while being attacked by a Brachiozilla and Missile Tortoise, he seems to respect her as well, thanks to her and Arrow, they finally captured Opis.