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Wolff Muroa
ZT Wolff.png
Wolff as seen in the Zoids: Tactics character art.
Appearances Battle Story
Debut Battle Story
Affiliation Zenebas Empire
Neo-Zenebas Empire
Age ?
Primary Zoids Berserk Fury
Energy Liger
Japanese Name ヴォルフ・ムーロア
(Wolff Muroa)
Voice Actors ?

Wolff Muroa is a fictional character from Zoids Battle Story.


Wollf Muroa is the son of Gunther Prozen, thus heir to the Zenebas Empire. His good friend, Anna, was killed by Ray Gregg in battle, making him bitter towards the Republican officer. He was the commander of his father's special Eisen Dragoon unit, and would play a major role later in the plot.

When his father is killed due to the explosion of his Bloody Death Saurer's Zoid Core, Wolff takes control of the continent, reclaiming the Western half. With the mobilization of the new Seismosaurus Zoid, his forces were able to bring all of the Central Continent under his control of his Neo-Zenebas Empire.

During a tense battle with his enemy, Ray, Wolff's Energy Liger became badly damaged by the Liger Zero Falcon, causing the Zoid Core to shut down and become dangerously unstable. The energy charges then ran wild, threatening to cause a massive explosion capable of wiping out both armies--a repeat of his father's death. But unlike Prozen, Wolff was tired of the war, and afraid that he would cause the death of his own people. He hastily ordered his army to pull back while he forced his dying Liger far away from the fight.

However, Ray had followed Wolff, now aware of the Emperor's honorable intentions. Putting aside their rivalry, the two worked together to connect the Liger Zero Falcon to the Energy Liger, channeling away the potent energy and sparing the initial explosion.

Afterwards, it seems that Wolff sought more peaceful terms than his predecessors, as in much later years, Zoids would be used only for tournaments, rather than to wage war.


Media Apearances[]

Wolff as seen in the Zoids Battle Card Game.

Wolff is seen in the Zoids Tactics video game as one of the main antagonists.

He also appeared in volume three of the Zoids Scramble trading cards, and Volume 5 of the Zoids Battle Card Game (as Imperial Pilot #8). Since the Battle Card Game takes place before the end of the NJR, he is strictly a Berserk Führer pilot of the Eisen Dragoon unit. His piloting specialties regard movement over sand terrains and counterattack ability, with a deduction to the accuracy of his own Zoid.