ZOITEC is a fictional weapons-manufacturing company in Planet Zi, responsible for creating several Republican Zoids.

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ZOITEC first appeared as the company manufacturing Blox type Zoids on the Eastern Continent, and was then noted as a major contributor to the Gairyuki design. Later, when the cores of the Three Tigers were discovered, the ZOITEC company made the Savinga and Whitz Wolf to split the unmanageable power of


zoitec on right

the first Tiger Core, opting to distribute the strength of the Whitz Tiger. ZOITEC soon found a way to better harness the core power and created the Rayse Tiger. The company also made the Pterorayse‎ as a fusion partner for the Rayse Tiger in order to grant the Jet Rayse the ability to fly. The company was covered in the Three Tigers Battle Story, as well as the in the Zoids VS series.

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