Z Boys
Appearances Zoids: Wild
Debut Episode 1
Affiliation Death Metal
Primary Zoids Raptor Kuwaga
Japanese Name Z Boys
Voice Actors Kimura Hayato

The Z Boys are a fictional group of characters from Zoids: Wild. They serve as the lowest-raking members of the Death Metal Empire.


Zoids WildEdit

The Z Boys serve as the "Mooks" or "Grunts" of the Zoids: Wild series. They appear in large numbers, piloting basic Zoids. For most the series, they don't use Wild or Death Blasts in combat. They are lead by a chain of command, either directly under the Four Heavenly Kings, or under subordinates below that.


The Z Boys have unique personalities and are an enumeration of different body weights, hair styles, tattoos, etc. Most of their dialogue is either accepting commands or comedic effects.

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Ability as a Zoid pilotEdit

The Z Boys are some of the weakest enemies in the series. They rarely do significant damage to the main cast, and are occasionally seen fighting against the resistance, where they fare better but still are shown to lose on occasion. When combined with a Heavenly King, or a commander, their numbers are enough to sway a battle.

After the end of episode 39 the Death Metal Empire manages to mass produce Death Metal Keys and therefore allow the Z-Boys to use Death Blasts. This greatly improves their effectiveness.


The Z Boys are seen to be friends with one another, and have varying degrees of success in trying to impress their commanders.


  • Most of the information about the Z Boys was first revealed through the Zoids Anime twitter feed. They later feature in a post-credit scene.
  • They are seen moving their masks when eating, but don't remove them fully.
  • There are female members of the Death Metal forces, in episode 30 there is an entry in the credits as "Z Girls".
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