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Zero Grizis
ZW44-Zero Grizis 7.jpg
Zero Grizis
Giganotosaurus Type
Crew 1
Weight 220.0 tons
Depth 15.5 m
Height 9.8 m
Maximum Speed 158 km/h
Weapons Grizis Core
G Grap Claw (2)
Dorsal Cannons (8)
Infinity Missiles (4)
Triple-Barreled Beam Gun
Tail Lasers (7)
Equipment Eye Brain (2)
Mind Horns (14)
Zoid Factor Suction Apparatus
Integration Armor
Reactor Line
IQ 152

The Zero Grizis (ゼログライジス, Zero Guraijisu) is a Giganotosaurus-Type Zoid, one of over 200 species of biomechanical lifeforms depicted by TOMY's Zoids model, toy, and media franchise. It is an ancient Zoid rumored to have the power to destroy stars.


The Zero Grizis is one of the largest Zoids in the series. Compared to others in the Zoids: Wild series, it is an XL-sized Zoid.

Equipment & Features[]

Eye Brain
Eye Brain (アイブレイン)
Mind Horn
Mind Horn (マインドホーン)
Integration Armor
Integration Armor (インテグレイションアーマー)
Grizis Core
Grizis Core (グライジス・コア)
Reactor Line
Reactor Line (リアクターライン)
Zoid Factor Suction Apparatus
Zoid Factor Suction Apparatus (ゾイド因子吸引装置)
Dorsal Cannon
Dorsal Cannon (ドーサルキャノン)
Triple-Barreled Beam Gun
Triple-Barreled Beam Gun (3連ビーム砲)
Infinity Missile
Infinity Missile (インフィニティミサイル)
Tail Laser
Tail Laser (テイルレーザー)
G Grap Claw
G Grap Claw (Gグラップクロー)


The Zero Grizis appears late in Zoids: Wild ZERO.

It is a super-large Zoid that arrived on Earth 65 million years ago and caused the dinosaurs' extinction. The Zoid then went into slumber, devolving and its Zoid Core was separated from its body, along with the Zero Phantoth until the arrival of Electora Gate.

When she awakened, she recovered the Zoid Core of the Zero Grizis.

It is shown that prior to the start of the series, Joshua Conrad had come into close contact with the Zero Grizis in his work for the Republic.

The Zero Grizis is activated by Frank Land in episode 42.

The Zero Grizis is the final antagonist of the series, initially believed to be sided with the "True Empire", the reality was that the Zero Grizis is was merely using them as tool to gain enough Zoids to power up.

The Zero Grizis is effectively sided with only two people: Electora Gate and Frank Land. Their ultimate goal is to build a world only for Zoids. They seek to do this by using the Zero Grizis to overwhelm all Regeneration Cubes and create their metal world.

As such, the Zero Grizis is opposed by the entire human race.

The Zero Grizis is nigh-unbeatable. In its incomplete state, it is confronted by the Republic wielding the Gravity Cannon in episode 44. This, combined with the Rising Liger's Zoid Factor are able to stop the Zoid. But not permanently. The Zero Grizis goes into hibernation, only to reappear in episode 47.

At this point there are no remaining Gravity Cannon shells, so the Republic and Empire sortie the Omega Rex and Genospino. Even combined, these Zoids fail to do more than superficial damage to the Zero Grizis. The Zero Grizis destroys the Genospino's saw, and absorbs the Charged Particle Cannon.

Alongside the Zero Grizis, a floating metal ring is deployed. This is shown to split it's Charged Particle Cannon, and open up to reveal a Black Hole. The latter absorbs the Genospino and Omega Rex.

After losing their most powerful Zoids, the Republic and Empire attempt to drop the Zero Grizis into lava. They succeed in their trap, but the Zero Grizis is able to use its Zoid Factor to transform the lava into metal, rending the attack useless.

Finally, the Republic drop their colony "Neo Helic" on the Zero Grizis. The sheer mass of this ship is able to inflict serious damage to the Zero Grizis, but ultimately not able to stop it. It does, however, free the Omega Rex and Genospino from their entrappment.

These two Zoids in their weakened state attempt to block the Zero Grizis from reaching its final goal: the location of the Regeneration Cube activation network.

These two Zoids are still unable to stop the Zero Grizis, but Leo arrives. His Zoids Factor is able to counteract the metal transformation of the Zero Grizis, additionally it is able to momentarily protect him from from the Wild Blast of the Zero Grizis.

The Zero Grizis and Frank Land perform their final activation of Regeneration Cubes, but Leo (having jumped through the exposed chest of the Zero Grizis) is able to strike inside the Zero Grizis. He's able to punch directly into the Zoid Core of the Zero Grizis, defeating it and reverting the final activation of Regeneration Cubes from purple to orange light. This restores the planet and defeats Frank Land and Electora Gate.

Size Discrepancy[]

Like many Zoids that appear as major antagonists, the size of the Zero Grizis in the anime is scaled up dramatically from it's model kit counterpart. It can be seen towering over the Genospino and Omega Rex, which themselves are also significantly upscaled.