Zero Grizis
ZW44-Zero Grizis 7
Zero Grizis
Giganotosaurus Type
Crew 1
Weight 220.0 tons
Depth 15.5 m
Height 9.8 m
Maximum Speed 158 km/h
Weapons Grizis Core
G Grap Claw (2)
Dorsal Cannons (8)
Infinity Missiles (4)
Triple-Barreled Beam Gun
Tail Lasers (7)
Equipment Eye Brain (2)
Mind Horn (2)
Zoid Factor Suction Apparatus
Integration Armor
Reactor Line
IQ 152

The Zero Grizis (ゼログライジス, Zero Guraijisu) is a Giganotosaurus-Type Zoid, one of over 200 species of biomechanical lifeforms depicted by TOMY's Zoids model, toy, and media franchise. It is an ancient Zoid rumored to have the power to destroy stars.


The Zero Grizis is a small Zoid. Compared to other Zoids in the Zoids: Wild series, it is an XL-sized Zoid.

Equipment & FeaturesEdit

Eye Brain
Eye Brain (アイブレイン)
Mind Horn
Mind Horn (マインドホーン)
Integration Armor
Integration Armor (インテグレイションアーマー)
Grizis Core
Grizis Core (グライジス・コア)
Reactor Line
Reactor Line (リアクターライン)
Zoid Factor Suction Apparatus
Zoid Factor Suction Apparatus (ゾイド因子吸引装置)
Dorsal Cannon
Dorsal Cannon (ドーサルキャノン)
Triple-Barreled Beam Gun
Triple-Barreled Beam Gun (3連ビーム砲)
Infinity Missile
Infinity Missile (インフィニティミサイル)
Tail Laser
Tail Laser (テイルレーザー)
G Grap Claw
G Grap Claw (Gグラップクロー)


The Zero Grizis is set to appear in Zoids: Wild ZERO.


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