Battle Commission Cheif

The Zoid Battle Commission's chief.

The Zoid Battle Commission is a governing body in the Zoids: New Century anime.

With their main headquarters based in the cockpit of an Ultrasaurus, they exert control over Zoid Battles and the Judges. The Battle Commission is headed by a chief and only appears in a few episodes of the anime, notably when Harry Champ threatens the Battle Commission, and in the final few episodes, when the Backdraft Group unsuccessfully attempts destroy the Ultrasaurus.

They undertake two operations against the Backdraft Group, one in offering support to the Blitz Team in retaliation for the Backdraft's (temporarily) successful theft of the Liger Zero. They do not take any direct action other than to place Harry Champ's team as bait to lure out the Backdraft, and to send a Judge to oversee the battle. Their second operation is to deploy a massive Judge Satellite in the series' finale. With this, they are able to swiftly annihilate the Backdraft's Dark Judge Satellites and end the Backdraft's attempted coup.

In Zoids Legacy, the Battle Union (as it is known) does not exist at all. It appears they vanished when the space-time distortions brought the New Century and Saga worlds together. It is the Backdraft (specifically Altile) who fills the power void and takes to ruling over Zoid battles.

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