This article is about motorized Zoids featuring the words: Build Customize Mobilize on the box. For non-motorized Zoids, see Zoids: Build Customize. For international variants, such as Japan, see Zoids (1999).
Please note this article does not include lines like Z-Builders or Holotech, and only refers to boxes branded Zoids with no other subtitle.
Build Customize Mobilize logo
Start Date 2001
End Date 2004
Includes Zoids From Zoids (1999)
Regions Australia, Europe, America, New Zealand, Philippines


Build, Customize, Mobilize, was a slogan used to brand international Zoids. Many were re-packaged variants of Zoids released in Japan.



Logo that appears on European boxes

The release consisted of many different companies and countries, and covered a large period of time. This gives rise to several subtle differences in box art. Notably, all USA Zoids were released by Hasbro, and hence featured the Hasbro logo instead of the TOMY one. (For more detail on all Hasbro Zoids, not just the ones in this release, see: Hasbro Zoids). European Zoids also featured a wreath-like emblem on their boxes. Depending on the Zoid, some have green box art, while others possess metallic silver.

All releases featured multiple languages printed on Zoid boxes. USA spelling was used on Australian and British boxes.


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