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The Saviour is the twenty-seventh episode from the anime series Zoids: Chaotic Century based on TOMY's Zoids model franchise.

Attempting to bypass the Empire's blockade on foot, Van and Co. are surrounded by anti-personnel Molgas.


Van's group enters a bar, but are shocked to see that Prince Rudolf is already proclaimed as being dead. The phones are also down and the roads are blocked, and with the prince's proclaimed death, no one in town believes them. Moonbay dons a wedding gown and uses it to bluff her way through the checkpoint with the Blade Liger and Command Wolf, while Van, Rudolf, Irvine and Zeke take to the woods to try an bypass the army.

The army deploys "Realgas"- a small, anti-personnel variant of Molga, to hunt down the on-foot group. They use a kind of web to ensnare Zeke, and the group is captured by the soldiers.

Meanwhile, Moonbay gets bogged in the desert, while Van and co. are locked up. The soldiers take pictures of Van's group, commenting that Rudolf doesn't resemble the crown prince, but one soldier recognizes Van. This is none other than the same soldier who Van helped escape from New Helic City, and he returns the favor, by busting them out. He also shows them to Zeke, but the alarm is raised. After a brief chase, the soldier guides them to safety, before heading back to shake off his pursuers, by jumping off a cliff and into a lake (he is shown to survive the fall however).

Van finds, to his horror, that Moonbay is not at the rendezvous point, having been bogged earlier in the episode. As the army's Rev Raptors take pursuit, the Gustav finally shows up and Van is able to fuse with the Liger and defeat the army.



  • The soldiers and civilians in this episode are wearing black armbands, a common mark of respect for a deceased public figure.
  • The newspaper seen in this episode contains only a few real words. It starts with "Prince Rudolf died. It's..." and the rest is a random assortment of letters and numbers, with spacing and punctuation to make it look like words.
  • The soldier's dog tags in this episode read as follows:


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