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Moonbay's Waltz is the thirtieth episode from the anime series Zoids: Chaotic Century based on TOMY's Zoids model franchise.

This episode revolves around Moonbay, who happens to meet up with an old acquaintance.


Starting in a forest, with Van and co. being attacked by a pursuing Red Horn and Rev Raptor group, a strange man appears and calls off the pursuit. The man is revealed to be "McMann"[1], a successful trader who is an old acquaintance of Moonbay. He had once proposed to her, but she had turned him down. They hide in his mansion, and he uses his influence (as a very rich army supply trader) to keep the army at bay. Van and Co. realize that Moonbay is still in love with him and try to leave without her so that she will live with him and be happy, but McMahon tells Moonbay of their departure, so that she can decide whether she wants to stay or leave of her own free will.

At that moment, Imperial troops show up once more, and, having seen Van, use it as an opportunity to strike at the mansion. McMahon uses his own hidden squad of Dark Horns to take out some of the land-based Zoids, but Redlers show up and bombard them. These Redlers are destroyed by a sudden appearance by the two mysterious Storm Sworders from the last episode. Van, Irvine and McMahon finish off the Imperial Zoids, but McMahon's mansion is destroyed in the process. McMahon does not get caught up in this loss, nor is he deterred by the fact that he is now a man wanted by the Empire, as he has many houses around the world, and can simply travel to another location. He asks if Moonbay will come with him. She declines, and gives him a goodbye kiss, before they resume their travels to Guygalos.

The episode ends with another brief flash of Prozen standing before the same mysterious pool that he had been throwing Zoid Cores into in the episodes prior.


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