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The Invisible Enemy is the fifth episode from the anime series Zoids: Guardian Force based on TOMY's Zoids model franchise.

A Helcat, partially hidden by optical stealth, launches an attack on the Guardian Force.


The episode begins with Hiltz, standing atop a pillar of rock, noting that they can feel the presence of something in the area.

Nearby, Van, Fiona and Zeke walk into a town, where they meet Thomas, and are briefed on a new mission. He, having arrived before Van, assumes the role of fulfilling their mission- routing some outlaws who are threatening the livelihood of the village, but reluctantly allows Van to join him. Thomas and the sheriff both wonder why two members of the Guardian Force have been sent to deal with a simple bunch of outlaws. They use a Gustav to lure the bandits out, by posing as travelers, but rather than successfully launch a counterattack, they are unable to find the enemy. Thomas uses his Dibison's Megalomax to wildly bombard the area, while Van manages to spot the enemy. Though he doesn't defeat them, the bandits notice that the level of resistance and decide to retreat. Thomas uses BEEK to analyze the enemy's footprints- revealing them to be left by Helcats, but also allowing them to follow the bandits back to their hidden base.

Thomas charges in, with Van not far behind, while Zeke is left to guard Fiona. Though they manage to catch the mercenaries off guard, Hiltz and Ambient ambush them, while Van and Thomas are arguing about Hiltz, they secretly grabbed something behind their backs. Thomas gets a hand grenade and Van gets his combat knife, before Thomas threw a grenade at the bandits, Fiona decides to move to rescue them. She straps tons of dynamite to Zeke and bursts in with assault rifles. This goes horribly wrong when the guns accidentally light the fuses of the bombs- while they're still strapped to Zeke. It does give them a chance to escape, but the opponent gives chase with their Helcats. Hlitz stays behind and returns to the ruins he'd been excavating. Still at a disadvantage due to the Helcat's Stealth system, Thomas quickly uses BEEK to analyze the Helcat's soundprints, allowing them to see, and therefore fight, the Helcats. They start to win in this fight, but back at the camp, Ambient merges with a strange, large, pod. By the time Van and Thomas finish up, there is nothing left but a single picture featuring two scorpion Zoids and the Death Saurer.



  • The PAL DVD volume 1.10 uses the unique name "Stealth Kat" for Helcat.

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