As the evolution cocoon shatters, the combined armies let loose a barrage to try and defeat the emerging Zoid.

A Monster Awakens is the thirteenth episode from the anime series Zoids: Guardian Force based on TOMY's Zoids model franchise.

Overview[edit | edit source]

With Raven still waiting in front of the great red crystal that has enveloped the Geno Saurer, the Empire's military, lead by Schubaltz, surround him and take him "prisoner", although he is not intimidated in the least, instead he starts making demands and threats. Even Dr. D is unable to help the team with regards to the evolutionary cocoon. But Karl is undeterred. He enlists the help of the joint forces of both the Republic and the Empire, but Raven, knowing that the Zoid, no longer a Geno Saurer, will soon be ready, and will not be defeated so easily.

The joint battalion, a colossal number of Zoids, launch an enormous barrage that fails to even scratch the cocoon. Instead, they decide to wait, figuring that if they strike as soon as the Geno Saurer emerges, they may have their only opening. Even Irvine decides to pitch in, offering his services for free in order to help in the assault. Meanwhile, Raven is transported to Guygalos, so that he's further away from the Geno Saurer, and also because they need to interrogate him as to who the mastermind behind their recent problems is.

Soon enough, the cocoon starts to let off huge amounts of energy, and Van, Thomas and Irvine stand ready, waiting for it to break. As it collapses, another colossal barrage is loosed, as Raven starts to hijack the Redler he was being transported on. The attack fails, blocked by an enormously powerful shield, as the new Zoid, the Geno Breaker reveals itself. Van moves it, but it takes off, and heads towards Raven. As Van, Irvine and Thomas chase it down, the army panics as the whole battalion is utterly annihilated. The new Zoid is named, the "Geno Breaker", and Irvine figures that due to its size, he should be able to outmaneuver it, but is almost cut in half by its pincers. Van is also thrown down, and although Schubaltz arrives, his men are annihilated. They are powerless to do anything as Raven leaves.

Zoids[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is Thomas' first deployment since his defeat at the hands of Raven.

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