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The Black Lightning is the fourteenth episode from the anime series Zoids: Guardian Force based on TOMY's Zoids model franchise.


With Irvine in hospital after his defeat at the hands of Raven's Geno Breaker, the crew solemnly wait at the hospital, noting that Irvine's Command Wolf has sustained irreparable, fatal, damage. While they discuss the movements of Raven, Dr. D takes them to a new secret weapon, a Zoid modeled off of Ancient Zoidian technology. This Zoid, an ultra high-speed Lightning Saix, is put out to be test run, and although it performs very well, the pilot holds back the Lightning Saix in order to keep it at within safe operational levels. This goes awry when the pilot looses consciousness and the Zoid crashes into a rock cliff. The pilot is ejected, but the Zoid is damaged.

Meanwhile, Irvine gets out of his hospital bed and makes it to his dying Command Wolf, and asks to be left alone, as he vows to stay with his Zoid for its last few moments.

The Lightning Saix, under Irvine's control, races forth to thwart Hiltz's plot.

As this is happening, Hiltz hijacks the President's Hammerhead, while Dr. D laments over the loss of the combat data stored in the Lightning Saix, which renders it useless. He gets an idea, to transplant the memory banks of Irvine's Command Wolf into the Lightning Saix. Irvine is outraged by this "FrankenZoid" approach and hits Dr. D, but eventually is persuaded by Moonbay to accept. Thomas, on lookout for the president, is captured by Hiltz and the Dibison is taken over by Ambient. Van finds the Hammerhead and manages to diffuse a bomb set to kill Thomas, while the president is placed in the rogue Dibison, which is escorted by also rogue Gun Snipers. The inter-governmental conference is attacked, and while they fight back, are overwhelmed. Irvine sets out in the newly deployed Lightning Saix, and although there are problems with the merger of the Command Wolf and Lightning Saix's memory banks, Irvine manages to get it under control. He takes on and defeats the enemy's Gun Snipers, while the Dibison escapes and tries to send itself, and the Republican President off of a cliff. The speed of the Lightning Saix proves too great and he is able to incapacitate the Dibison before it completes its suicidal charge.



  • Irvine's Lightning Saix has eyes of a different color (orange as opposed to green) than the standard Lightning Saix (such as those featured in New Century). This is due to the transplant of the Command Wolf's combat data.
  • This is the first episode that Irvine takes off his eyepatch.
  • Error: When Fiona sits on the bench, her eyes turn black (instead of red).

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