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Van's New Power is the eighteenth episode from the anime series Zoids: Guardian Force based on TOMY's Zoids model franchise.

Zeke glows as he unlocks a new power for Van to use.


The episode begins with a repair of the Blade Liger. Van tests it, and although he finds it running very well, it is nonetheless not as responsive as he would like and it begins to take damage as Van puts too much stress on the Zoid. Dr. D explains that Van is simply too good of a pilot for the Blade Liger, and had been pushing the Blade Liger well beyond its maximum potential.

Moonbay's Gustav with the ill-fated type two boosters.

Dr. D also shows him some prototype boosters. Unfortunately they are untested, and the although the first experiment works well at full, the boosters at full power explode and destroy the nearby test site. The type-2 are intended to be mounted on the Lightning Saix, but Irvine refuses, and instead Moonbay agrees to do the tests, in exchange for letting her keep the booster after the test. All goes well at first, and the Gustav even overtakes the Lightning Saix, although a trail of parts left behind hint to an imminent disaster. Meanwhile, Zeke starts behaving strangely, Moonbay struggles to stop her now out-of control Gustav. Fortunately, the booster break off and she manages to stop unharmed.

Dr. D mounts the Type 3 -and only functional- boosters to the Blade Liger. Fiona learns that Zeke's new power could place Van's life at risk, but he heads off without letting her speak. Elsewhere in the base, Hiltz activates a set of Gun Snipers and sends them out to attack Van. Van uses the Attack Boosters but his Zoid's leg fails as he tries to maneuver, due to the incredible stress of his actions. He is nonetheless able to beat the Gun Snipers, but as he does so, Zeke fuses with the Blade Liger and it starts to move with a much greater degree of speed. Fiona is worried that Zeke's power will allow Van to push himself too far, resulting in him self-destructing. This proves unfounded as Van finishes off the Gun Snipers, including one significantly altered by Ambient, and returns safely.



  • This episode features a strange Gun Sniper altered by Hiltz's Organoid, Ambient, which grows spike-shaped missiles, similar to that of the Bio Kentro.

    The result of Ambient fusing with a Gunsniper.

  • The Attack Boosters pivot along with the blades of the Blade Liger, enabling it to use its blades with the Boosters attached, a feat the Tomy model cannot replicate, but the Kotobukiya model can.

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