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Supersonic Battle is the twenty-first episode from the anime series Zoids: Guardian Force based on TOMY's Zoids model franchise.

Irvine tries to fight a Storm Sworder in his Lightning Saix.


The episode begins with Irvine stumbling across an illegal power-parts trading ring. He is captured and used as a red herring in order to throw off military intelligence. Elsewhere, Van and Thomas beat some Heldigunners that were using stolen power parts. They decide to investigate and in the meantime, Irvine is taken into custody. He fights against the soldiers holding him and bails out of the Hammer Head that was transporting him. The Guardian Force officer who apprehended him jumps out after him and tangles his parachute. They land, and Irvine uses footage from his eyepatch to distract the officer, and overpowers her, stripping her of her gun. The two set out through the mountainside on foot.

Van and Thomas start interrogating soldiers involved with the smuggling ring. Irvine uses his "Mother" (an information broker) to get intelligence on the man he had seen before he was framed, and sets out to infiltrate his mansion with Carol, the Republican intelligence officer. He finds a weapons factory and his Lightning Saix, but Carol reveals that this was the plan all along- to get Irvine into the weapons factory so that it could be associated to him, and not the real mastermind, General Garth. Carol reveals herself as an agent working for him. Carol, after being told to kill Irvine, defects and lets him escape, while Van and Thomas break in through the front, only to be confronted by five Gun Snipers. Irvine is attacked by Carol in her Storm Sworder. She explains that Gareth's charitable activities had helped her out, and she owed him for it, but as she fights, she is downed by Irvine, and does not eject as her Storm Sworder crashes into the ocean and explodes. Hiltz shows up for a brief moment, but leaves, having done nothing more than observe the battle.



  • In a brief shot in this episode, the Lightning Saix can be seen to have green, rather than orange, eyes. Presumably, this is due to the re-use of old footage.
  • When Irvine boards the Lightning Saix after recovering it, the Zoid disappears under a stealth shield. This is the first time it has demonstrated this ability on-screen, though in its début appearance it had been stated to use holographic technology "to present the illusion that it disappeared".

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