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This article relates to the model release designated "FZ". For the corresponding anime series, see Zoids: Fuzors. For the description of a Fuzor Zoid in general, see Fuzor Zoid

The Zoids Fuzors model line is a TOMY toy line that ties in with the Zoids: Fuzors anime.

Zoids Fuzors
Zoids Fuzors Logo
Start Date 2004
End Date 2005
Includes Zoids From Blox
Regions Japan
Designation FZ


Designed to tie in with the Zoids: Fuzors anime, the line is composed entirely of recolours of older Blox and Zoids. Some models were altered slightly, or packaged with additional parts, mainly to allow different Zoids to connect (or "fuse"). The line also featured a number of Zoids that were previously only released in North America.


The line was initially released in 2004, to tie with with the then-screening anime (in Japan). The line was halted in early 2005, with several items unreleased.