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Nightmare in the Sky[]

Nightmare in the Sky is an episode from the anime series Zoids: Fuzors based on TOMY's Zoids model franchise.

RD uses his Liger Zero to lift up a falling Whale King, despite the obvious size difference.


This episode primarily takes place on board a high-class Whale King, Stratus 9, which is host to the Mayor's inauguration. Sweet, working as a waiter, Deed and Ciao are on board, the latter two as security officers. It is encircled and attacked by Storm Sworders, to which the PKB reply by sending out a wing of Raynos. However, before they can attack, the people on board are held hostage by a Double Sworder, which had smuggled itself in by disguising itself as cargo. They demand the release of Kevin Anderson from Gummie.

Mach Storm cancels their drills and move to help Sweet, but stumble across a group of wild Unenlagias, who Sigma and Helmut stay behind to fight, allowing RD and his Liger Zero Falcon to proceed. However, before they can attack the wild Zoids, the Unenlagias are decimated by the Energy Liger. Sigma and Hemlut combine as a precaution, to protect themselves from the Energy Liger's stray fire.

On board the Stratus 9, Sweet distracts the pilot of the Double Sworder while Deed attacks him, but is overwhelmed. Meanwhile, Sigma and Helmut take significant damage from the Energy Liger's attacks while the Gorilla Tron watches from the shadows. RD heads up to the Whale King and while Ciao distracts the Double Sworder, Sweet opens the hatch. Thus, RD enters the Whale King in his Liger Zero, while simultaneously, the Jet Falcon takes out the Storm Sworders on the outside. During the battle, the Whale King is damaged and threatens to fall onto Blue City. However, RD's Liger manages to pick up the engineless Whale King on its own and fly it to safety.


  • Introduced character(s): NIL
  • Featured characters: Mach Storm team, PKB



  • If the times that are stated by characters in the show are taken at face value, RD's Liger Zero Falcon stays fused for well beyond the five-minute time limit.
  • The currency used in this episode is mentioned to be Zi Dollars.

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