Glory for the ManEdit

Glory for the Man is an episode from the anime series Zoids: Fuzors based on TOMY's Zoids model franchise.

18 Chimera Dragon

Mach storm face off against a newly developed drone Zoid, the Chimera Dragon.


The episode begins with a match between Rastani and the Black Impact team and his brother Reynard and his four new "chimera" Zoids, the Shellkarn, Fly scissors, DiploGuns and Demonshead. The first two Blade Ligers are defeated within minutes leaving a four on one with Rastani who also was defeated easily and begs his brother to stop as the chimera Zoids continue to attack his Zoid. When Raynard fires Rastani from the Team he later goes to RD for help. The March Storm team is then challanged by the new Black Impact team and are shocked when they here Rastani is not on the team.

The chimera Zoids proved to be very powerful but with its opponents being two Fuzors Reynard decides to fuze the chimera Zoids as well forming the the new Chimera Dragon. Using a series of combination attacks the Chimera Dragon seems to be out matched until the system goes berserk destroying the Command Striker with one shot leaving the battle to RD. The Zoids then breaks through the arena wall, escaping to the city. With the threat of it destroying the city the PKB deploys its main force. The combined fire power of all the PKB Zoids prove to be ineffective against the Fuzor which in return destroys the entire group, RD then confronts the Chimera Dragon one on one. The Liger Zero Falcon proves no match against it as the Zoid defuses its components to attack with quick succession. RD then take advantage of the AI system and defused his Zoids, with the AI system frozen, being unable to figure out which target to attack is then quickly taken out by RD ending the battle.


  • Introduced character(s): Reynard
  • Featured characters: Mach Storm team, Black Impact team, Burton, Reynard, PKB, Sandra, Alpha Richter (secretly seen before the end of the episode)


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