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Rampage of the God of Destruction[]

Rampage of the God of Destruction is an episode from the anime series Zoids: Fuzors based on TOMY's Zoids model franchise.

RD tries desperately to stop Gummie's out of control Gojulas Giga.


The episode begins with Gummie in his Gojulas Giga cordoning off an area near the Zoid Battle Dome, where a live ammunition exhibition occurs. This event features the PKB's new Zoids, the Scissor and Laser Storm going up against several Darkhorns and Missile Tortoises. After the latter attack the former, but fail to do any damage, the Laser and Scissor Storm obliterate the other Zoids (incidentally, the announcer incorrectly refers to the "PKB" as "PBK" during this battle). It is also revealed that these two Zoids are Chimera Drones, featuring the same system previously used by the rogue Chimera Dragon Zoid, though Gummie and Dr. Pierce both reassure RD that it is a safe system.

However, on the way back to base, a Zoid does go rogue, Gummie's Gojulas. The PKB's Gorhecks is unable to stop it as it moves downtown. Mach Storm deploys it's Liger Zero, while the PKB scramble some Raynos, but otherwise keep their distance. Gummie, trapped inside the Cockpit, tries to halt the Giga, but only manages to stop it shooting at buildings, and fails to stop it's destructive charge. RD arrives but even his Liger Zero Falcon is overwhelmed by the sheer strength of Gummie's colossal Zoid. Sigma arrives to help, but is defeated. Dan figures out that Gummie's sabotaged Giga Zoid is heading to the city's generator. Blake shows up and decides to help, believing that a Zoid never betrays it pilot, so forms the Gairyuki Speed and grabs the Gojulas' tail, trying to topple it from behind. Blake too is thrown off by the Gojulas' immense power and the PKB resort to deploying the Laser and Scissor Storm in front of the generator, to destroy the Giga if it cannot be stopped.

As the Giga approaches the final tunnel, RD and Blake collide with the Giga and attempt to stop it, but fail. In a last-ditch wrench of the controls, Gummie manages to stop the Giga, and the Liger and Gairyuki protect it from the oncoming fire of the Chimera drones. As the episode ends, Helmut is accused of sabotaging the Giga, and is taken into custody. Meanwhile, Alpha gloats to himself about the near-completion of the Chimera Blox's mass-production.


  • Introduced character(s): NIL
  • Featured characters: Alpha Richter, Mach Storm team, PKB


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