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Showdown is an episode from the anime series Zoids: Fuzors based on TOMY's Zoids model franchise.

Alpha's "Ultimate Seismos" bears down on the resistance fighters.


The episode begins with Alpha Richter rewatching the duel between the Liger Zero Falcon and Energy Liger "Zero" (apparently known as such due to it being based off the Liger Zero's data) and decides that he needs to complete his plans. He sends Marvis to round up any dissenting citizens, such as protesters, and Burton to hunt down opposition outside of town. Tracy (the news presenter) is also suppressed, and the PKB send in Chimera drones to forcibly lock down the city.

Meanwhile, Mach Storm, Vareth's team and Gummie are approached by Sandra, who tells them to come with her. Everyone but Gummie agrees, and Sandra leads them to a warehouse near Emerald Harbour wherein all the remaining Zi-Fighters have assembled to fight back against Alpha Richter. Alpha learns of their location and sends out his main force to crush them.

Sandra talks to Helmut about her past, wanting to know the facts about her father's "disappearance" in a Zoid battle long ago. She reveals that it was Marvis who had told her that Helmut was after Mach Storm and was thus responsible for the incident. However, before they can finish, Burton attacks the warehouse with his Lord Gale and squad of Chimera drones. Some of the resistance's Zoids are sabotaged, however and are unable to assist. Rebecca transforms her Dimetroptera into flight mode, the same mode as was previously used when she controlled Luke. As she was among the Zi-Fighters, she is able to shoot them in the back and take out even more of their forces.

Burton stumbles across Sandra and explains that Marvis was the real culprit, he was the one who wanted to take over Mach Storm and he was the one who killed her father. RD attempts to take out Burton, but Rebecca shoots him in the back. RD is shelled heavily, but Blake shows up and manages to rip the head off Rebecca's Zoid, while RD finishes off Burton's Lord Gale. Rebecca, who is revealed to be the same Rebecca as Alpha's assistant (she was wearing a wig), is apprehended and RD and Blake move to take out the Chimera drones. However, as they do this, they come under fire from the Seismosaurus and two enormous Chimera drones. Meanwhile, Gummie shows up at the PKB HQ and sets his subordinates free. The Seismosaurus combines with the two large Chimera units, forming the Ultimate Seismos, which proceeds to lay waste to the entire area, with RD and Blake being swatted away like flies in the face of the Seismosaurus' overwhelming array of weaponry.


  • Introduced character(s): NIL
  • Featured characters: Mach Storm team, Richter Scale, Blake


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