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Enter the Fire Phoenix
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Enter the Fire Phoenix
Dub Enter the Fire Phoenix
Name Translation TBA
Japanese Name 岩山の死闘
Romanization iwayama no shitou
Japanese Opening Enemy of Life
Japanese Ending self control 2004
English Opening TBA
English Ending TBA
Season Zoids: Fuzors
Episode (season) 003 (Zoids: Fuzors)
Episode (series) 003 (Zoids: Fuzors)
Episode (lifetime) 096 (Zoids)
Japanese Airdate October 17, 2004
English Airdate October 18, 2003
Previous 1+1=?
Next Fuzors Combine! Liger Zero Phoenix

Enter the Fire Phoenix[]

Enter the Fire Phoenix is an episode from the anime series Zoids: Fuzors based on TOMY's Zoids model franchise. It is the debut episode of the Fire Phoenix Zoid.

This episode marks the debut of the extremely powerful Fire Phoenix Zoid.


The episode begins with Blake and Luke, team members of Savage Hammer, overlooking a new Zoid of theirs, the Buster Eagle. Meanwhile, in Mach Storm's headquarters, the team watch a news reel discussing Fuzors, however, the team is left unable to figure out how to fuse two Zoids together. They briefly discuss the Changing Armor System (CAS) utilized extensively in New Century, but dismiss it quickly, as it is unrelated to Fuzors.

Eventually, Mach Storm is given the task of ridding a small town of a stray herd of wild Unenlagias. Unbeknownst to them, Blake watches over the mission from a nearby clifftop. Initially successful at stopping the stray Zoids, RD strays off course to herd up more of the Unenlagias, when he is set upon by Blake's Berserk Fury. Blake begins shooting at RD and after failing to land any hits, RD retaliates with a Strike Laser Claw, only to bounce harmlessly off the Berserk Fury's energy shield. Helmut and Sigma finish rounding up the wild Zoids, whereupon Helmut notices a strange sound and goes off to investigate. Blake repeats the exact same moves that he had previously used, again missing with every shot, allowing RD to charge at him for a Laser Claw attack, although this time RD uses his Zoid's boosters and collides with the Fury before it can put up it's shield. The two grapple with each other until the PKB's Arosaurer and Gorhecks, piloted by Deed and Ciao, arrive, although Blake promptly destroys both of them in a single shot.

It is then that the Buster Eagle arrives and combines with the Berserk Fury, to form the Buster Fury. Blake begins shelling RD with dozens of shots, although he still fails to land a single hit. RD attempts to fight the Fuzor, but his charge simply bounces off the more powerful, combined, Zoid. This finally gives Blake the opportunity to shoot RD, allowing him to damage and immobilize the Liger Zero. To finish the job, Blake begins charging his Charged Particle Cannon but is interrupted by the arrival of the Fire Phoenix. Although Blake has no data on the Fire Phoenix, RD finds that the Zoid is actually a Fuzor partner for his Liger Zero. By simply flying past the Buster Fury, the Fire Phoenix causes immense damage to the Buster Eagle, shorting out it's systems and incapacitating all of the Zoid's functions- apart from flight. Thus, it is forced to retreat, despite being a supposedly powerful Fuzor.


  • Introduced character(s): Luke, Dr. Pierce
  • Featured characters: RD, Blake, Ciao and Deed, Dr. Pierce


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