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Ambush in the Wasteland[]

Ambush in the Wasteland is an episode from the anime series Zoids: Fuzors based on TOMY's Zoids model franchise.

A gang of thugs attack RD in a new type of Zoid, the BrachioTortoise.


The episode begins with Matt helping around at Mach Storm's headquarters. As he answers the door, he meets Haldo, an old friend of Helmut, who requests an escort to Keel Town/City (the name is inconsistently translated), a dangerous job as it requires Haldo (and his Gustav) to travel through the wastelands, a stretch of desert that is a notorious hideout for pirates. The team accepts and heads out, but is quickly set upon by three Guysaks. RD heads off to combat the Guysaks, but they retreat underground before any combat breaks out.

After a brief stop at a bar, bandits called the "Dark Forces" learn of their convoy and head out to intercept the Gustav. Over 50 Guysaks approach the convoy, forcing RD and Sigma into battle. Sigma takes out a few with his Bolguard's long-range cannons, while RD tears a few apart with his Liger Zero's teeth and claws. However, the battle does not go well when the leader of the bandits shows up in a Brachiozilla , along with his partner, Angelie piloting a Missile Tortoise. The two fuse their Zoids into the Brachiotortoise, which causes Sigma to hastily retreat, leaving the Gustav defenseless. Before any damage can be done, the Fire Phoenix shows up and destroys all the Guysaks, of which there are at least eighty, by simply flying past them. Despite this, it is unable to fusion with the Liger Zero as it is pinned down by fire from the Brachitortoise. It is then that Sigma returns, attempting to take out the Brachiotortoise at point-blank with his cannons, only to realize that he was in fact out of ammunition. He does manage to do some damage though, using the Boldguard's "Crazy Spike" attack to knock the Brachiotortoise over, allowing RD to fuse with the Phoenix. Needing to quickly defeat the now-combined Fuzor, the Brachiotortoise fires its primary weapon, a colossal cluster-missile, which pours vast numbers of explosives square into the chest of RD's undefended Zoid. This does no damage to the Liger, who promptly defeats the Brachiotortoise with its Laser Claws.

Briefly, as the episode ends, Haldo mentions that he knew RD's father because they were both searching for the "legendary Alpha Zoid", but offers no further information on the subject.


  • Introduced character(s): Haldo, Samantha and Bourne (Bone?)
  • Featured characters: Haldo, Mach Storm, Dark Forces



  • Haldo's destination, "Keel Town" is referred to as both a Town and a City, most likely due to a translation error.

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