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The Unseen Enemy[]

The Unseen Enemy is an episode from the anime series Zoids: Fuzors based on TOMY's Zoids model franchise.

The PKB are powerless before the might of the invisible Sabre Tiger.


This episode begins with an interview with Dr. Pierce, who asserts that fighting without Fuzors would be unthinkable. A shadowy figure grins and remarks that even Fuzors are not invincible.

The episode begins in earnest with a training exercise from the Dark Assassin's Killer Spiner Zoid, previously featured in Episode one and two, wherein they destroy several Guysaks as practice, needing only 27 seconds to fell the enemies. However, a proximity alert sounds, and the two are set upon by an invisible Zoid. They fire a continuous and omnidirectional attack but fail to defeat the enemy, who proceeds to total their Zoid.

Gummie is hounded by the media, who are in a frenzy about the invisible Zoid, although in reality, the PKB have no intel on the subject themselves, and are thus forced to call off all Zoid battles as a precaution. Sigma is sent to help Haldo on a mission, while RD and Dan go the Dr. Pierce's lab to help in his investigation of the invisible Zoid. Their investigation brings them to an area where the stealth Zoid had attack and defeated two Blade Ligers. Meanwhile, Sigma's "important mission" turns out to be helping Haldo reorganise his warehouse. Dr Pierce finds out by matching the strength and speed of invisible Zoid's attacks, that the invisible Zoid must be a customised Zaber Fang, though the meeting is interrupted by another attack. Sigma is the victim and his Boldguard is totalled, taking irreversible damage right down to the core.

After this incident, the pilot offers an open challenge to the PKB and all Zi fighters, who, after coming up with an intricate system of using different wavelengths of light to reveal the Zaber Fang, accept. Thus, the Liger Zero, Arosaurer and Gorhecks enter the arena, awaiting the invisible Zoid's attack. Initially, the lights prove useful, but before any attacks can land, it vanishes once again. Deed and Ciao are swiftly defeated, with RD close behind, as even he cannot land a blow on the Zoid. Thus, the invisible Zaber Fang goes undefeated.


  • Introduced character(s): Keith
  • Featured characters: Keith, Mach storm, Dr. Pierce, PKB


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