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Good Job Peacekeeping Bureau[]

Good Job Peacekeeping Bureau is an episode from the anime series Zoids: Fuzors based on TOMY's Zoids model franchise.

Thanks to a last-ditch surprise attack, the PKB manage to apprehend a group of wanted criminals.


The episode begins with a chase between RD's Liger Zero and the PKB's Arosaurer and Sinker, piloted by Ciao and Deed respectively, although RD was not piloting, as RD was in fact in the Mach Storm's Leoblaze, and Matt was piloting the Liger. The quick action of a passer by, a man named, Jean, who had travelled in with a circus, averted a disaster. He gives tickets to visit this circus to RD, Matt, Sweet and Ciao, who naturally accept. He gives Ciao a rose during his act, and she becomes smitten with him.

The PKB later alerts Mach Storm to a passing group of Zoid bandits, who had been stealing Zoids and reselling them on the black market. The bandits attack later that night, only to find RD sleeping in the cockpit. He fights them off, unmasking one of them, revealing the culprit, Jean, who RD promptly punches in the face, cutting his cheek. RD alerts the PKB to this fact and Ciao investigates him, finding out that he was indeed the culprit.

The next night, the bandits attempt to steal the Liger Zero again, this time using gas, but are again thwarted by RD, who had been sleeping in the cockpit, this time, conveniently, with a gas mask on. The PKB had also been lying in wait and move to surround the group, although they manage to escape nonetheless by utilising an Arosaurer, Gorhecks and Iron Kong. The escape is short lived, however, as the PKB take chase and defeat the felons, arresting them after a short battle, in which Ciao played a lead role, despite her short-lived attraction to Jean.


  • Introduced character(s): Jean Holiday
  • Featured characters: Mach Storm, PKB, Jean Holiday


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