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See also:[[Zoids: Genesis]]
See also:[[Zoids: Genesis]]
[[Category:Genesis Episode]]
[[Category:Genesis Episode]]

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Hesitation an episode from the anime series Zoids: Genesis based on TOMY's Zoids model franchise.


Ruuji found himself surrounded by a group of wild Elephanders, only to be saved by the swift action of the Soul Tiger. It is revealed that Wild Zoids act on their own, without a pilot. They move to find Reggel from natural sources. The heard that had attacked Ruuji was a group that had lost their feeding ground to a recent landslide. When Kotona finds Ruuji, it is revealed that the man who saved him was Seijuurou, a person hailed as the greatest Zoid pilot in history. Ruuji pleads with Seijuurou to help him become a stronger pilot, but Seijuurou refused, liking Ruuji to his former pupil Jirou. Jirou was a pilot of a black liger zero, and was killed in a match against Seijuurou. Eventually, Seijuurou saves them, and decides to join their group agreeing to train Ruuji on their journey.



See also:Zoids: Genesis

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