Encounter an episode from the anime series Zoids: Genesis based on TOMY's Zoids model franchise.


Ruuji finds himself alone, and surrounded by Baratz Zoids. The female pilot of the Baratz asks if he was an ally or enemy of Digald. Ruuji, mistaking the group for allies of Digald, was surprised when they declare themselves allies with Ruuji.

Ruuji had come across Tenka Muteki~dan (in English "beast under the heavens/team invincible").

The all-female group consisted of their leader A-Kan (which Ruuji quickly mistook for Ra-Kan). Ra Muu, who's speciality was cooking. Gotoshi, who is a fairly obese girl. The clumsy Furi Ten and Saiko, a warrior with a wooden sword. With the introductions out of the way, the group outline their intention to resist Digald. (Along with a series of cheesy poses).

It wasn't until later that night, that Ruuji learned Muteki-dan fought by simply stealing supplies from Digald transporters. He was surprised to learn, that Muteki-dan had never lost an encounter with Digald (although they stop short from mentioning that when faced with opponents they can't beat, they probably run away first.) Ruuji proceeds to tell them his tale, which quickly brings the entire group to tears. A-Kan advises him to leave the locating of his friends and generator mechanic to them (although they had no idea where to start).

The next day the group split up to search for Ruuji friends, and Ruuji begins to warm to their group. As they search, they come across Garaga's deadly kong. As with Ruuji, they begin to introduce themselves as "Digald resistance forces", but Garaga acted quickly on the word "Digald", suddenly attacking the group. Ruuji finds him later, but not before he annihilated Muteki-dan's party.

They join forces, and soon they go the attack to fight against a Digald supply convoy. Ruuji and Garaga get relegated to watching, since they were only new recruits.

During the encounter, three Digald Baratz Zoids carrying supplies approach. But when faced with A-Kan, she uses the "look over there" trick to distract the Digald soldiers. Surprisingly, it works. Yet the mission wasn't over. Digald (having been attacked by them a lot) had sent in two Bio Raptors. Muteki-dan retreat, but Baratz Zoids were far to slow to outrun the Bio Raptors. Thankfully, Ruuji and Garaga both were able to defeat the Bio Zoids.



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