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Reunion is an episode from the anime series Zoids: Genesis based on TOMY's Zoids model franchise.


This episode begins with the last scene featured two episodes ago, with Ra Kan and the other's separation and subsequent retreat. From there, this episode details the various character's separate journeys.

Rei Mii repairs Sword Wolf, while Ra Kan recuperates in the village of Pikuru. While she's doing this, Kotona manages to find the group. Seijuurou is also with them, and spends much of his time on watch, looking out for either Ruuji or Digald.

In a flashback, Ra Kan reveals that his injuries were sustained when Georg singled him out and attacked his Sword Wolf. Though Ra Kan was able to put a sword through the Bio Tricera's cockpit, he missed Georg, which made him an easy target. He was only saved when Seijuurou intervened. The villagers are extremely helpful to help Ra Kan out with medicinal supplies. But this quickly turns out to be a bad thing, as the man sent to gather supplies sees the Digald wanted posters and quickly panics, returning to the village with the wanted posters. Fearful of Digald, the villagers think of banishing Ra Kan, but thinking that this would cause Digald to believe that they let them go, they instead attack and apprehend them.

Wanted by Digald, Ra Kan and the others are held as prisoners by a desperate village they pass through

Meanwhile, Georg, who should have been very badly injured after the battle, was recovering. He was given special treatment by the technology-rich emperor of Digald.

Digald enter the village to take the prisoners, but as they search, they are attacked by the Murasame Liger. Using this as a chance to escape, Seijuurou, who had already undone his ropes, frees the others and they make a run for it. As the Bio Raptor chases them, Galaga appears and takes it out. Galaga reveals that they had actually arrived the morning before, and that Ruuji had formulated this plan to ambush the Bio Zoids, so in fact, this was not a simple case of good timing, but rather, good foresight.



  • The Bio Raptor drone refers to Ra Kan as "Lord of Kirihan", a detail that will be revisited later on in the series.

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