Determination an episode from the anime series Zoids: Genesis based on TOMY's Zoids model franchise.


Digald sentries arrive at Pikuru, only to confirm the remains of the forces Georg had mustered. Once the Bio Zoids leave, most agree they would not return. Together with Ra-Kan, the villagers began to rebuild Pikuru.

The Murasame Liger returned to its original form, after becoming the Hayate Liger during the night. While talking about the Hayate Liger, it is named in this episode.

While talking to the villagers, and conversing with Ra-Kan and the others Ruuji realises that Digald were doing more and more to harm people. Here, he proposed the idea of fighting Digald, rather than just looking for a mechanic. Ruuji pleads with Ra-Kan to lead people and gather up the various resistance forces in a fight against Digald. When pressed with the ideam Ra-Kan finally decided to tell Ruuji and the others about his history. Up till then, only Mii had know the story openly.

There was a kingdom called Kira, which was a collection of trading towns and cities. Bio Zoids arrived at this kingdom and asked it to surrender. The lord of this place was indecisive, because they possessed a significant amount of large scale Zoids. In a fight, they may have won against Digald. However, the ruler did not fight. Instead, they left with a few people and surrendered. It was said, that the ruler was afraid that fighting would cause loss of life. However, it was just as likely that he was afraid of Digald's new technology.

It was thanks to this relatively easy acquisition, that Digald became confident to invade other countries. With every country they invaded, they became more powerful, and harder to stop. Ra-Kan advised that in retrospect, had he put up a fight, Digald would never have become such a threat. Even if they had lost the battle.

Even learning this, Ruuji still begs Ra-Kan to fight against Digald. When asked for their opinions, Garaga advises he was anti-Digald to begin with. Kotona was unsure, but wanted to remain with them until she could decide, Seijuurou was solely there to train Ruuji and Mii fully believed in Ra-Kan's ability to fight Digald.

With one last test, Ra-Kan challengs Ruuji to a fight. The winner of the fight would be the one to decide their actions. During the battle, Ron shows up, just in time to observe Ra-Kan defeat Ruuji.

As Ra-Kan was the victor, he decided his first objective was to return to Ruuji's home town.

The episode ends with Zairin watching the brief deployment of the Bio Ptera.



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