Ambush an episode from the anime series Zoids: Genesis based on TOMY's Zoids model franchise.


Ruuji and the others are shown entering a large valley. Their plan was to sneak into Digu, the heart of the Digald Empire. They did not plan to bring down Digu, but to prove to their potential comrades they have the power to resist Digald.

The path they were following was all but unknown. Ruuji had only discovered it by using the detailed map he had received earlier. Ruuji was put in command of the mission, since it was his idea.

The forces at Zuuri stage a training exercise, and succeed in distracting Digald forces (especially the Bio Ptera).

They arrive at Digu, and plan to attack the army and bio Zoid factories only. They were not waging war against the citizens, only the Digald forces.

The Raibow Jerk flew Ron into the heart of the enemy, where he unleashed massive damage to the Bio Zoids in a pre-emptive strike. Following his lead, Ruuji, Seijuurou and Garaga charge in.

The Digald forces react slow, and send a large number of Zoids against Ruuji. However, Ra-Kan and Mii strike from a separate location, causing chaos among the troops.

During the fighting, Garaga and Ruuji find an underground factory. Inside is an entire battalion of bio Ratpor Gui's. Before they could destroy the base, the Bio Tyranno appeared.

Against the Bio Tyranno, even metal Zi weapons were of little use. Forced into a corner, Garaga considered releasing the seal on his Deadly Kong. Before he could, Ruuji summoned the Mugen Liger. Ron and Kotona cause a smokescreen, and their forces quickly retreat.

Despite running, Digald peruse them. Tize met them at their rally point, and uses his Brastle Tiger's Thermic Blast to neutralise all bio Zoids in the area. The blast left his Zoid unable to move, but Kotona was able to carry it away.



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