This article is about the 1999 model line. For the Japanese manga released under this name, see: Zoids Chaotic Century Graphic Novel
Zoids logo
Start Date 1999
End Date 2004
Includes Zoids From Zoids (1983)
Regions Japan, Korea


In 1999 TOMY released the Zoids anime in Japan, in conjunction, it included a new toy line know as "Zoids 機獣新世紀" (lit, Zoids: Machine Beasts New Century). While this line featured similar Zoids and backstory to the previous line, it had a new logo that would appear in nearly all subsequent media.


While notably released in Japan, other countries, such as Korea, also received this line. Korean Zoids were packaged in boxes that featured the same artwork as Japanese Zoids, but all the text was duly replaced with Korean.


SS Zoids Edit

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