The Modelers Spirit Series (MSS) is a new Zoids line slated for release in January of 2013 by a sub division of Takara-TOMY known as "TOMYTEC" in honor of the Zoids 30th Anniversary.

Modelers Spirit Series
MSS logo.
Start Date 2013
End Date 2014
Includes Zoids From N/A
Regions Japan
Designation MZ


For the Zoids 30th Anniversary, Takara-TOMY officially licensed a new Zoids line through "TOMYTEC," a sub-division of Takara-TOMY, called the "Modelers Spirit Series" (or "MSS" for short). These Zoids are produced in a 1/144 scale; half the size of the original TOMY kits. Unlike the original TOMY kits, these models are based on articulation and poseability, with no motorization. Zoids from the MSS are colored to appear like their motorized Original Japanese Release counterparts.

The MSS Zoids have been shown to posses a higher level of detail than that of their original TOMY counterparts, in addition to having pre-painted details on some of the Zoids' frames. Each kit includes a to-scale pilot figure, standard canopy, and a diorama base, as well as a small Zoids core for each Zoid. Some are noted to be proportionately different in scale from other Zoids, such as the Hammer Rock being much larger compared to Shield Liger than the motorized kits were. There are also some changes to the proportions of the Zoids compared to their original motirized counterpart; the MSS Hammer Rock, for example, has a much larger gun mounted on it's shoulder compared to the original motorized version.


All MSS Zoids have been annonced in pairs. Shield Liger and Hammer Rock were the first kits to be announced for release following the reveal of the MSS line, followed by Saber Tiger and Godos, Shield Liger MK-II and Sinker, and Great Saber and Command Wolf. Each MSS Zoid includes it's own dioramma for display purposes, excluding the Shield Liger MKII and Great Saber, which in exchnage, include new frames for additional weaponry.

A silhouette of an MSS Salamander appeared in a photo alongside pormotions for the MSS Great Saber and Command Wolf. A sample product was shown on display with other MSS kits.  Months after the release of the Command Wolf, the Salamader remains un-released. While the MSS line has not officialy ended, there is no further information about this Zoids' release.

Two Diorama bases were released seperatly as accesorries for the MSS kits; a hanger, which can store up to two MSS Zoids, and a repair bay.

The series concluded on the 13th March 2014 with a statement from TOMY indicating the line was winding up with the conclusion of the 30th anniversary of Zoids. The Salamnder, which had been announced but not released, was officially suspended until further notice.



  • MD-001 Diorama Base Hanger
  • MD-002 Diorama Base Maintenance Facilities
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