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This episode features the Fuma Team, who utilise Warsharks as their primary Zoid.

Desert Tusk - Assault of the Warsharks[]

Desert Tusk - Assault of the Warsharks is the tenth episode from the Zoids: New Century anime series, based on TOMY's Zoids model franchise.


The episode begins with the Blitz team defeating a team of Dark Horns, they manage to win, though the method is dubious at best, by firing at Bit, Brad and Leena manage to take out the other team indirectly with stray fire. Meanwhile, Altail, piloting a Dark Horn and accompanied by two Iron Kongs, meets with the shadowy Fuma Team, who uses their Warsharks to take out his escort from underground. He tasks them with defeating the Blitz team.

After their battle, Jamie attempts to figure out the cause of the Blitz team's success, but he fails to get any conclusions, and no-one else takes it seriously. Eventually, they are set up in a match against the Wolves team, consisting of Command Wolves. However, when they arrive, they find the opponent's team trashed. They are confused even more by the appearance of the Dark Judge. Unable to see the enemy, they assume the enemy is using stealth, and put up a carpet barrage, which fails as, they are not actually invisible, simply underground.

The Liger moves to change armor, but before he can swap into the Jager, the Fuma team attack the Hover Cargo, blocking the door. While normally Illegal, battle mode 0999 has no rules, and is thus allowed. This also prevents Leena from resupplying, causing her to greatly reduce her ammo consumption. On the brink of defeat, Jamie attempts to surrender, but is stopped by Bit, who attacks the Cargo to create an entrance, allowing him to convert his Zoid's armor. Realising that this over-the-top style of Bit's is the key to his battle strategy, along with Leena's heavy shelling and Brad's wide degree of maneuvering, Jamie calls Leena and tells her that Bit's been stealing her food, while he tells Brad to get in position to score some individual points. Leena attacks Bit, who runs. In the crossfire, the Warsharks are revealed, allowing Brad and Leena to finish off two of them while Bit converts to Jager. The high-speed Jager manages to outrun the Warsharks, giving him the opportunity to defeat the final two.


  • Introduced character(s): Fuma, Ehga, Koga, and Negola
  • Introduced opponent(s): Fuma Team
  • Featured characters: Fuma, Ehga, Koga, and Negola
  • Featured teams: Blitz Team, Fuma Team


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