The Shadowfox - Brad's Betrayal

The Shadowfox - Brad's Betrayal is episode 20 from the anime series Zoids: New Century Zero based on TOMY's Zoids model franchise.


Brad went searching for a mysterious Zoid, only to come across the Shadow Fox. In chasing the Zoid, his Command Wolf was completely destroyed.

After locating the Shadow Fox, (which was a creation of Dr. Layon) he joined the Backdraft, to fight against the Blitz team.

During an intense battle, Brad defeated the Gunsniper and Raynos, and came up evenly matched against the Liger Zero Jager.

The battle did not conclude, instead the Judge re-registered the Shadow Fox as a blitz team Zoid. Brad left the backdraft, and rejoined the Blitz team with the fox in hand.



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