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Zoids: The Battle Begins is a video game based on the Zoids franchise



Zoids: The Battle Begins box art

In 1985-6, Martech released a home computer game based on the OER Zoids story, Zoids: The Battle Begins, for the Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum 48k and MSX. The C64 version was later re-released by Electric Dreams Software (in the US) and Alternative Software, and all four versions were re-released in Spain by Zafi Chip. The game was also advertised, but not produced, for the Atari and BBC Micro Model B consoles. Although similar in gameplay, the game had different sound, layout, graphics and input styles in each console's version (except the MSX, which was based on the Spectrum version). The plot revolved around the destruction of Zoidzilla: players would assume control of a Spiderzoid and hunt for the lost parts of Zoidzilla in order to repair him and defeat the Red Zoid forces.
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