Zoids: Wild
Zoids wild
Zoids: Wild logo.
Start Date 23 June 2018
End Date
Includes Zoids From N/A
Regions Japan
Designation ZW

Zoids: Wild is a series of model kits from the 2018 Zoids: Wild reboot of the Zoids franchise, made by Takara TOMY. Models from number ZW-25 correspond to the Zoids: Wild ZERO anime. Models from number ZW-45 correspond to the Zoids: Wild Senki anime.


The Zoids: Wild models kits are a 1/35 scale kit, that requires assembly, but does not need to be cut from plastic runners. The Zoids are motorised, and feature "Wild Blast" effects which are a form of super-attack. The kits are initially priced at 1200 or 3000 yen.


The first 6 Zoids: Wild models were released on 23 June 2018.



Zoids featured in the initial release.

Zw pic30 big

Assault Boost Unit

Zw pic31 big

Buster Radar Unit

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