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Bastion! The Bro with the Flow!
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Zoids Wild - 10 - English.png
Bastion! The Bro with the Flow!
Dub Bastion! The Bro with the Flow!
Name Translation Strong! No Zeni and the Triceradogos
Japanese Name 強烈!ノリとゼニーとトリケラドゴス
Romanization Kyōretsu! Nori to zenī to torikeradogosu
Japanese Opening Starting Over
Japanese Ending Shōnen no Boku e
English Opening Zoids Wild
English Ending Zoids Wild (instrumental)
Season Zoids: Wild
Episode (season) 010 (Zoids: Wild)
Episode (series) 010 (Wild series)
Episode (lifetime) 179 (Zoids)
Japanese Airdate September 08, 2018
English Airdate August 14, 2020 (Netflix)
Previous The Good, The Bog and The Honey!
Next Revving up the Revolution!

Bastion! The Bro with the Flow! is the tenth episode of Zoids: Wild. It first aired in Japan on September 8, 2018.


This episode introduces 2 new characters, Bastion and Greta, and their respective Zoids, Tryke and Spineless.

The episode starts with Arashi and Analog once again needing food. They are flat broke.

They run into Bastion, but once he realises they can't pay, he leaves them. They then meet Greta, who gives them food. But she also doesn't do it for free, and expects them to pay. Which they obviously can't.

So they head into town looking to make money to pay her back.

They again meet Bastion, who's busking with his Zoid. Arashi and Analog confront him about exploiting his Zoid for cash (while also considering it themselves). Arashi says Zoids should be the partner and share in their dreams, and that his dream is to find the Ancient Treasure Z. Bastion doesn't have a dream of his own, but is just focused on money. He proposes a wager on a match between them, which can earn Arashi the cash he needs. Analog is worried, because failure means owing money to both Greta and Bastion.

Arashi agrees, and in true Shonen mech show fashion, Bastion reveals the match is not a fight, but be a game of Zoid Soccer. Since Soccer is 2v2, he picks another teammate, and it's none other than Battalia.

The game starts, and while the Liger is decent, Analog is using a tortoise, so is at a massive handicap. They go on for a while, until a spectator's cat runs onto the field. The cat's owner (a young girl) runs after it, but they find themselves in the path of Bastion. He manages to stop his Zoid, and jump off getting the girl out of the way. Everyone's relieved, but in the meantime, Analog scores and they win the game.

Because of the way he won, Arashi refuses to accept the prize money. Bastion doesn't give it a second thought and takes the money for himself.

To make money, the duo end up cleaning dishes. Or at least they do until a herd of green Rapterrix show up and start charging through the city. Analog, Arashi and Battalia try to coax them out of town, but have little success. They pass Bastion on the way who initially does nothing to help.

It should be noted that Bastion has a locket on his neck with a picture of a girl in it. When Arashi pressures him to help protect the people, Bastion says "That was deep stuff. Maybe he's got a point."

As Arashi and the other round up the Rapterrix, Bastion shows up and uses his ball from the game to catch the Rapterrix's attention. They lure them out of the town. However, as they escape through a canyon, a large rock comes loose and begins to crash down. Arashi uses his Wild Blast to break it apart.

Finally, towards the end of the episode, Arashi offers Bastion a team Freedom badge. He states that although Bastion had been stingy with money, he helped the town with the Rapterrix, and made sure the little girl with the cat was safe. However, Bastion refuses joining their team.

Back with Greta, she ultimately forgives their debt since they helped with the Rapterrix, and sends them on their way with just a tab (although the path is accidentally through Dark Metal territory).


  • In Japanese, a post-credit scenes shows Malware riding his Overbyte.
  • Bastion is likened to "Deejay Boombox", one of Drake's subordinates from the previous episodes, they both have the nickname "DJ" in the dub.
  • The currency "zeni" is different from previous Zoids series, where "Gallos" or "Zi-Dollars" are used (albeit infrequently). Zeni appears to be similar to the currency from Dragon Ball using the same name and yen-like denominations.
  • Despite Bastion turning down the chance to join team Freedom, the Zoids Wild website listed him as a member prior to this episode airing, and he appeared in the Japanese intro. So it was well known he will join at a later stage.


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