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Charge! City of Terror, Kangok is the elevent episode of Zoids: Wild. It first aired in Japan on September 22, 2018.


This episode sees Arashi and Onigiri head into Death Metal territory. They look for food, but see a fang from a Raptor instead. They then come across Penne, who came after after learning Sanratan send them into Death Metal.

After the tooth they find a pit of Zoid remains, parts left from Death Metal experiments.

Arashi wants to Leeroy Jenkins the enemy base, but Onigiri suggests a thinking of a plan. They butt heads until Penne shows up, captured by Death Metal forces.

All three and their Zoids are taken in and detained.

Inside the jail they mention a few things, Penne's sorry for getting them captured, while Arashi's thankful for getting inside (and Onigiri sees it as DM's fault, not hers). Eventually Caviar shows up and is introduced as one of the 4 heavenly kings of DM.

Caviar has 999 victories and he picks Onigiri to be his latest one, and offers Onigiri the chance to instead resume development of DM keys for Death Blasts. Arashi refuses because he knows Onigiri loves Zoids. But Onigiri accepts, and Arashi let's him go.

At night, Penne tries to cheer Arashi up, but is surprised when Arashi is actually already cheerful. He knows Onigiri wouldn't accept the task of making keys without some plan. He fully trusts Onigiri because they are comrades, to he surprise of Penne.

As Arashi suspects, Onigiri indeed has his own plans and tries to free the captive Zoids by stealing the key from one of the researchers. He does so (and nearly loses his first kiss in the process - being blocked by his glasses).

Onigiri gets in his Zoid and starts smashing the place until DM Raptors show up and begin to take him down as his Wild Blast subsides. Arashi shows up in the nick of time, and they dispatch the DM forces with the help of Penne as well.

Caviar then shows up riding his Gabriator and unleashes his Death Blast. (all 4 kings have Death Blasts). The episode ends there.

Post-credit scene is Gallagher rallying DM troops

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