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The Treasure Bandit Trio!
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Zoids Wild - 18 - English.png
The Treasure Bandit Trio!
Dub The Treasure Bandit Trio!
Name Translation Defend! Great Treasure Operation
Japanese Name 守れ!お宝大作戦
Romanization Mamore! Otakara dai sakusen
Japanese Opening Defiance
Japanese Ending Blue Moon
English Opening Zoids Wild
English Ending Zoids Wild (instrumental)
Season Zoids: Wild
Episode (season) 018 (Zoids: Wild)
Episode (series) 018 (Wild series)
Episode (lifetime) 187 (Zoids)
Japanese Airdate November 03, 2018
English Airdate August 14, 2020 (Netflix)
Previous Standup Smack-Down
Next Secret Mission! Hunting Season!

The Treasure Bandit Trio! is the eighteenth episode of Zoids: Wild. It first aired in Japan on November 3, 2018.


This episode is character development for Dyna, the female member of Team Supreme.

The episode starts out with the Freedom Trio being attacked by Dyna, who is initially unaware of who they are. When she realises (and is introduced to Analog/Battalia) she takes them back to a small village where she's staying.

They talk for a bit, and think they might have some leads to the Ancient Treasure Z, the villagers here are waiting for a "treasure" to arrive. Waiting for this "treasure" makes them targets for bandits so they are having Dyna help them protect the town. They group take on the task of protecting the village and helping Dyna. The village is attacked by the 3 Dark Metal Rapterrix leaders from early episodes (with Arashi forgetting who they are)

The three attack using formations "A", "B", "C" etc. And take Analog/Battalia by surprise when they bypass the Liger and attack them instead. Though they are repelled, the retreat using Formation "R" - "Retreat".

As the others go back, there's some friction between the Freedom members on how they should do things. Arashi isn't sure how a leader should be determined. Dyna tells them a bit of backstory about Team Supreme, when they started out they also had a lot of disagreements, but with Quade as their leader, they managed to make it work out.

Arashi, inspired by the story, tries to appoint a leader for their group, which causes more problems than it solves. As a compromise, he decides to appoint everyone as a leader. Some titles get thrown around like "Director of Executive Management" and "Captain of Presidential Affairs". During the argument they actually manages to point out all of their strengths and weaknesses.

When the Dark Metal guys come back, they are quickly dispatched by team Freedom's new tactics.

The enemies resort to their final formation. It's letter "Z" and a surprise bomb attack to drop boulders onto the village.

Wild ss 18.png

Arashi uses his Wild Blast and blocks one rock.

Then we see Dyna use her Winghorn's Wild Blast for the first time.

Tremor then shows up and also uses the Grax's Wild Blast.

The episode ends with the old couple in the village revealing they had no info about the Ancient Treasure Z, and instead were excited by the birth of a newborn baby, their "treasure". Dyna was in on this but rather than clear up the misunderstanding, decided to play along.


  • In the Japanese version, post credits shows the Demise once again bound by chains and the leader of Dark Metal being handed a key for a Dark Blast.
  • In the English dub the voice actor for "Barbara" is Ellen Kennedy, also known for Sarah in Zoids: New Century


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