Zoids Wild - 22 - Japanese

Fly Liger! A New Stage is the twenty-second episode of Zoids: Wild. It first aired in Japan on December 01, 2018.


Arashi and the others resume training after passing the game of "Survival Tag" last episode.

The episode starts in its usual benign fashion with a few jokes. However the trio soon find themselves in a labyrinth surrounded by a vast number of Zoids. As they fight off the Zoids, Arashi is reminded of something Bacon told him about how the world is vast and the number of things to see in it is large.

They get out of the labyrinth, with Arashi showing hints of potential.

The trainer "hermit Mushi" points out their weaknesses, Arashi charges in, Penne can't win when forced to fight fair-and-square, and Onigiri is really slow.

They again resume fighting, but prove more capable this time. After a few bouts, the episode comes to its climax, the Gusock uses its Wild Blast.

To fight it, Arashi unleashes his own Wild Blast, but taking heed from Bacon's words changes his attack. He instead uses "King of the Claw, Spiral" which is enough to catch the Gusok off guard and complete their training.

Two other points are made in the episode, unknown to the main cast, there's a mural under the ruins depicting the liger. And that Arashi's Father is clearly seen as being one of Mushi's old acquaintances, but these are left unexplored for now.


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