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To the Test!
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Zoids Wild - 03 - English.png
To the Test!
Dub To the Test!
Name Translation Awake! Zoid King's Pride
Japanese Name 目覚めよ!ゾイド王の誇り
Romanization Mezameyo! Zoido-ō no hokori
Japanese Opening Starting Over
Japanese Ending Shōnen no Boku e
English Opening Zoids Wild
English Ending Zoids Wild (instrumental)
Season Zoids: Wild
Episode (season) 003 (Zoids: Wild)
Episode (series) 003 (Wild series)
Episode (lifetime) 172 (Zoids)
Japanese Airdate July 21, 2018
English Airdate TBA
Previous Wild Blast Wildfire!
Next Crew up! Break it Down!

To the Test! is the third episode of Zoids: Wild. It first aired in Japan on July 21, 2018.


The episode begins with Quade challenging Arashi for the Liger. He says Arashi is too inexperienced to call himself the partner of the legendary lion-type Zoid.

Arashi attempts to fight him, but the Wild Blast from the previous episode wears off, and he proves unable to re-activate it, passing out from fatigue.

During the exposition, they explain that Tremor had left in the meantime. The team often split up, but they always meet up in times of need. Most of the others leave, making just Quade and Shade around.

Quade wants to see if Arashi is able to train with him, but Arashi wants to fight Quade immediately. Arashi almost immediately begins to use the Wild Blast, but Quade stops him, pointing out the stress it puts on Arashi and the Liger. Arashi accepts Quade's training regime.

Quade takes Arashi through the courses, eventually taking on Shade in a fight, using him as a sneak attack. Arashi learns to bond with the Liger in order to rely on its Zoid instincts, and manages to deflect one of Shade's attacks.

At night, Shade leaves the group. He explains that his Zoid is nocturnal, and was revived naturally so is more lively at night. Here they explains how Zoids are found, they are buried all over the planet, and some are discovered by scientists or people like Dark Metal, and revived using electricity. Other Zoids are revived naturally, by sources like lightning.

The next day Arashi takes on Quade in a fight, with some of the villagers onlooking. But they are interrupted by Dark Metal's, Zamaas. Quade leaves it to Arashi.

Arashi is momentarily overwhelmed by the use of formation tactics, but when he relies on the Liger, it's roar is able to stun the Raptorrixs. Zamaas resorts to his final attack, stacking 3 Raptors in a pyramid.

In sync with the Liger, Arashi is able to use the Wild Blast freely. He dispatches them with his "King Claw" attack.

The episode ends with Quade also looking to leave. He pulls out a badge for Team Supreme, clearly willing to invite Arashi to the group. But Arashi beats him to the punch, declaring he'll form his own team, one to rival Supreme, and that Arashi will beat Quade to the Ancient Treasure Z. (even though he hadn't thought about what he'd use it for).

Before the episode ends, Arashi is shown heading back to his room. He obviously wants to follow in Quade (and his father's) footsteps. But doesn't want to leave his grandfather alone again. Arashi's grandfather briefly tells him, the world needs him and he can't be keeping him at home forever. This convinces Arashi, and he sets out with the acknowledgement of this grandfather.


  • Quade repeatedly calls Arashi 'kid' to which Arashi corrects him by saying 'My name's not "kid" it's Arashi'. Right at the end of this episode, Quade calls him "Arashi", to which Arashi corrects him saying 'My name's kid"'.
  • As Quade leaves, Arashi is reminded of the silhouette of his father leaving. A similar scene is used in the Japanese intro theme.


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