The Pearl Paragon!
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Zoids Wild - 31 - English.png
The Pearl Paragon!
Dub The Pearl Paragon!
Name Translation Competition! The Treasure of the Great Ruins!
Japanese Name 争奪!大遺跡の秘宝
Romanization Sōdatsu! Dai iseki no hihō
Japanese Opening Sky Flight
Japanese Ending Speed Up
English Opening TBA
English Ending TBA
Season Zoids: Wild
Episode (season) 031 (Zoids: Wild)
Episode (series) 031 (Wild series)
Episode (lifetime) 200 (Zoids)
Japanese Airdate February 09, 2019
English Airdate October 01, 2020 (Netflix)
Previous Maintenance Mayhem!
Next Teammates and Tyrants!

The Pearl Paragon! is the thirty-first episode of Zoids: Wild. It first aired in Japan on February 09, 2019.

Overview[edit | edit source]

From the previous episode, team Freedom split ways. This episode focuses on the path Onigiri and Gyoza took.

It leads them to a strange idol statue, where they are confronted with fanatics. The fanatics idolise Zoid Hunters and send Onigiri and Gyoza on a quest to find a treasure.

Onigiri and Gyoza leave and find two other Zoid Hunters there, they are Avocado and Garlic from team Supreme. But Onigiri and Gyoza have never met them before, so treat them with suspicion. Gyoza easily wins a naming game competition and they somewhat become friends, but Onigiri is still suspicious and gives fake names for himself and Gyoza. None the less, they are hopeful they might find some info about the Great Treasure Z.

As they venture in they are faced with various traps. Eventually they come across an immovable door. Avocado and Gyoza summon their Zoids, the Ankyrox and Pachycedos.

They argue about who to go first opening the door, and in that time Onigiri and Gyoza summon their own Zoids. After some taunting a fight breaks out and Avocado uses his Wild Blast.

At that moment, Arashi and the others show up. Arashi recognises Avocado and Garlic, and they all clear up each other's misunderstanding. The duo from Supreme stated they heard Onigiri's name from Candy, but since he gave a fake name, the didn't know who he was. Likewise, they had been hiding their Supreme badges and logos to avoid trouble from Death Metal.

They break through the door, and find nothing but a fragile rock on a statue. As they pick up the rock it crumbles to pieces. None the less they take it back to the three villages.

The villages immediately start arguing about the treasure, until Arashi reveals the folly of it, being just dirt that blows away in the wind. The villages stop arguing after that.

As they walk off, a group of bounty hunters arrive after Arashi. Garlic uses his Wild Blast and quickly defeats them.

Right at the end of the episode, Arashi talks about the key Bacon gave him. Neither Avocado nor Garlic know what the key is, however they had seen Bacon deep in thought looking at it.

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