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Shockwaves and Short Circuits!
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Zoids Wild - 37 - English.png
Shockwaves and Short Circuits!
Dub Shockwaves and Short Circuits!
Name Translation Fighting! Return of a Friend
Japanese Name 激闘!戦友の帰還
Romanization Gekitō! Sen'yū no kikan
Japanese Opening Sky Flight
Japanese Ending Speed Up
English Opening TBA
English Ending TBA
Season Zoids: Wild
Episode (season) 037 (Zoids: Wild)
Episode (series) 037 (Wild series)
Episode (lifetime) 206 (Zoids)
Japanese Airdate March 23, 2019
English Airdate October 01, 2020 (Netflix)
Previous Regroup and Resist!
Next Dark Rider Diaries!

Shockwaves and Short Circuits! is the thirty-seventh episode of Zoids: Wild. It first aired in Japan on March 23, 2019.


A big showdown this episode, it picks up from the previous setting.

Arashi and Apex fight the Draz, while Bastion, Battalia and Analog fight Haxile and Malware. Drake shortly enters the fray against Arashi and Apex. The battle proves heated, both sides fairly evenly matched.

Freedom takes charge, and unleash their Wild Blasts. However it's not so simple to win against Dark Metal. Analog lines up a shot against Haxile, but is intercepted by the new Zoid seen briefly last episode, the Cauler. Five are seen being used by the Deleters, shielding Haxile from attack.

Back at the decimated Resistance forces, Arashi and Apex using their Wild Blasts take the upper hand against the Dragz. Arashi, speaking to the resistance children still around, reinforces his idea that "true courage is standing tall even when you're outranked". Arashi and Apex start fighting their back to the others, against Drake.

Elsewhere we see Gigaboss back at base, still with the imprisoned Demise As he thinks, the full picture of his backstory comes to light. It begins at a young age, training with Quade and Master Bug. Quade wants to use Zoids for his lofty goals, but Gigaboss just wants power. He eventually takes his Zoid and leaves. Several years pass and he is seen conquering others, only to be swiftly defeated by Qaude and the Zaber Fang. Gigaboss insists he is strong, but Quade notes the balance between Zoids is lacking. Fast forward even more years, and we arrive at the clip last episode, the revival of Demise. Gigaboss's search for power led him to the strongest Zoid. But he is once again thwarted by Quade. It's finally shown that the key in Quade's possession is half of the Demise's Zoid key.

Back at the fight, all characters are now at the same location, and Dark Metal finally decide to unleash their Dark Blasts. They fight, and seem evenly matched for a time, but as Dragz keeps fighting even Arashi has trouble. During an intense battle, the middle blade of the Liger is broken by Dragz's attack.

Haxile capitalises and unleashes their trump card, the Dimomite's Death Blast. It cripples Freedom's Zoids, while not affecting Dark Metal.

Apex immediately tries to respond by using his Alpha Shadow's Second Gear. But Truffle is prepared even for this. The Deleters reveal 5 Death Metal keys and unleash the Cauler' Dark Blast. Their Dark Blast amplifies the Dimomite's Dark Blast into beams. Alpha Shadow is interrupted, and during that opening Dragz goes in for a finishing blow. Bastion jumps in and saves Apex, but the Tryke is severely wounded, both it and Bastion go down.

Drake engages Analog, cutting armour off the Tanks and Malware breaks off one of Needle's claws.

Another blast from Haxile sees Alpha Shadow badly damaged, and Arashi is left defenceless. Once again, Dragz goes in for a finishing blow. However, at that moment, Numb-Lock is knocked down by an old ally: the Zaber Fang.

The riderless Zaber Fang swiftly appears and goes on to tackle Drake, break the jaw of Malware's Zoid and knocking down the Dimomite. The tables quickly turn, a combo attack from Analog, Arashi and the Zaber take down Dragz. While Battalia, and Apex take down Malware.

As the fight goes on, team Supreme arrive. Pach, Scrapes and Tremor arrive with the Wild Blasts engaged. Dark Metal is down to only Drake and Haxile.

The Zaber Fang, still damaged from Episode 13, takes its leave.

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 2.01.46 PM.png

Haxile, recognising the dire situation, decides to up the anti and use his last resort. In the previous episode he had taken a risky measure to infuse the Dimomite with Demise DNA, now he was going to use it in an attack. The blast hits the trio from Supreme, and immediately disables the Wild Blast for all three Zoids. In addition, the Zoids go rogue, knocking their pilots off and turning on them. The attack is double-edged, it also disables the Dimomite and the Cauler used to unleash it.

Shade and Dyna arrive, and use a smokescreen to mask the battle, obscuring both the rogue Zoids and and Dark Metal.

Drake insists they should pursue since Freedom was so badly damage, but Haxile rejects the idea since they are also heavily damaged. All sides disengage from the battle.

That night, the teams Freedom and Supreme contemplate their losses while treating Bastion who is badly injured.



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